CCL Network

In 1999, in response to a growing demand from its shareholders for an internet service, CCL established the Counsel's Chambers Network.

In December 1999 a fibre optic cable was installed that enabled CCL to provide internet and email services to each Floor in Wentworth & Selborne Chambers at reduced rates. Connections to Windeyer Chambers and the NDC followed shortly thereafter. Additional full time network staff were employed to administer the network operations and assist members with connection and computer related issues.

In subsequent years CCL has invested significantly in building and upgrading the network infrastructure to provide what it believes is a valuable service to members. In February 2005, a VOIP telephony service was introduced to the CCL Network.

Free Dictionary Services

Counsel's Chambers Limited provides access to the following on-line dictionary services to our network users from within the Counsel's Chambers network.

Oxford English Dictionary

Australian Oxford Dictionary (2nd ed.)

 Oxford Australian Law Dictionary (2nd ed.)

Macquarie Dictionary

Cisco VoIP

Update your speed dials (only available within the Counsel's Chambers data network)

Desktop Fax Service

Counsel's Chambers Limited is pleased to announce the addition of the desktop fax service to the Counsel's Chambers Network.

This new service will allow Counsel’s Chambers Network Members to receive faxes sent to a CCL allocated fax number to be delivered to your email account. This supports inbound faxing only. Faxes are delivered to your email inbox in a .tif  format.  Each member wishing to use this service will be allocated with their own fax number.  To apply for this service please complete this online registration form.

Upon receipt of your application CCL Network Support staff will assign you with a fax number.

For more information relating to this service please email

Counsel's Chambers Webmail

Click here for CCL Webmail

Centralised Exchange Webmail

Click here for Centralised Exchange Webmail



In order to log a Maintenance Request with Counsel's Chambers Limited please fill in the form below.

Fill in all the fields and in the enquiry box state the building, Level number as well as the type of maintenance required, i.e. Air Conditioning, Lighting or General

Alternatively you can contact our reception on 02 9231 3644.

Security Access Cards & Keys

Below you can find the latest policy document regarding security cards and the relevant card activation forms.


Policy for the issue and use of proximity cards and tags.

Activation Forms

Please download and print the relevant activation form and return to Counsel's Chambers Limited with $50 + GST deposit.

Activation Form A - Shareholders & Clerks

Activation Form B - Licensees & Readers

Activation Form C - Secretaries, Cleaners & Floor Staff

Lockhart Chambers Key Order Form

If further information is required, please contact Counsel's Chambers Limited.

Foyer Directory Boards

To add a name to the Foyer Directory Boards in Selborne, Wentworth and Lockhart Chambers please fill in the form below:

Add Name to Foyer Directory Boards

Remove Name from Foyer Directory Boards

The old pdf form can be found here Name Plate Request/Removal Form

Work Policy

Here you can download the policy of Counsel's Chambers Limited in respect any proposed work to be carried out within the Company's properties.

Work Policy

Construction & Maintenance Work Summary

Click here to download the Counsel's Chambers - Construction & Maintenance Work Summary 2016


Contractor on Site Procedures & Fitout Guide

The following form must be read and completed by ALL tradesmen that have been commissioned to work within Selborne, Wentworth, Windeyer, and Lockhart Chambers. The form must be signed and returned with any requested information to Counsel's Chambers before work can commence.

Click here to download the On-Site Procedures & Fitout Guide

The On-Site Procedures & Fitout Guide includes:

  • Works Policy
  • Design & Coordination Policy
  • On-Site Procedures
  • Guidelines For Installation Of AC Units
  • Fire Service Shutoff Permit
  • Hot Works Permit
  • Use Of Riser Policy
  • Use Of Wentworth Electrical D.B. Rooms
  • Windows Installation Guidelines
  • Building Maintenance Unit - Management Plan
  • Site Orientation - Registration Form
  • Site Orientation - Guidelines
  • Site Orientation - Confirmation of Acceptance
  • Application Form

Work in Progress

  • Counsel's Chambers must be notified of all work taking place in the building.
  • Only work approved by Counsel's Chambers can take place in the building.
  • All work must be submitted for approval 48 hours prior to the scheduled commencement of the work.
  • Work scheduled for the weekend must be submitted for approval to Counsel's Chambers by 4pm on the preceding Thursday.
  • Timely submissions will ensure that the work is posted on the website and that approval is granted for work that complies with the necessary requirements.

Current building work


Rubbish and Recycling

Click here to download the Rubbish and Recycling Policy

Rubbish Collection

Dates for rubbish collection are as follows.