Board of Directors 2007
Board of Directors 2007
Front row
Mr Michael Cashion S.C. Appointed 13.02.06
Mr Julian Sexton S.C. Appointed 23.06.05
Mr Stuart Donaldson S.C.
Appointed 23.10.02
Mr Leonard Levy S.C.
(Deputy Chairman)
Appointed 23.10.01
Back row
Mr Mark Robinson Appointed 22.06.00
Resigned 30.03.01
Reappointed 06.02.02
Ms Rhonda Henderson Appointed 09.06.01
Mr Fred Curtis Appointed 19.06.02
Mr Philip Durack S.C. Appointed 13.02.06
Mr Andrew Bulley Appointed 04.10.06
Mr James Darvall Appointed 29.11.00
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