Historical Times
of the Wentworth Chambers
The following is an extract from the 1969 Book ‘A History of the NSW Bar' Edited by J.M. Bennett, BA, LL.M. (Sydney) Senior Research Fellow in Law, The Australian National University for The New South Wales Bar Association, published by The Law Book Company Limited.
Wentworth Chambers

After the second World War many servicemen returning to practice at the Bar found great difficulty in obtaining chambers. The Bar Council unsuccessfully endeavoured through the Federal Attorney-General to lease premises in Phillip Street then occupied by various Government Departments. In 1946 the Council made representations to the Lord Mayor, as result of which the Australian Red Cross Society surrendered occupancy of the old Stamp Duties Office in Phillip Street and the City Council agreed to renovate and alter the building to provide chambers for returned servicemen. The City Council also agreed that rooms falling vacant in its premises Lanark House then at 148 Phillip Street would be offered in priority to returned men from the Bar.

Mr Junior (Mr Philip Twigg)

The Bar Council also obtained from the University of Sydney an assurance that, as rooms became vacant in University Chambers, 167 Phillip Street, they would be given similar priority.

Less successful negotiations were carried out with the Australasian Pioneers' Club in an endeavour to secure temporary space in part of the club's premises at 173 Phillip Street which it had then recently acquired. A sub-committee also tried to obtain the occupancy or ownership of 169 Phillip Street adjoining University Chambers, but ascertained that the building was required by the Minister in charge of Tourist Activities.

By 1950 attempts to establish chambers in the Teachers' Federation building, Phillip House and St. James Hall (all in Phillip Street) had ended in failure.

On this occasion the Board decided the most appropriate person to unveil a tablet which will record with extreme brevity this day's happenings would be Mr Junior (Mr Philip Twigg).
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